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Evidence Based • Midwife Care

Village Maternity Philosophy — the Secret of Quality is Love

We care about you and your birth. During prenatal care Village Maternity will be by your side to guide you and answer your questions. We believe that easy communication with your midwife and doctor during the prenatal period is the magic ingredient that helps us take the best possible care of you. Village Maternity believes that your best and safest birth comes from true collaboration of midwives and doctors using evidence based guidance in a hospital birth center setting.

Midwifery Care and Doula Support

Everything old is new again! The Greco-Roman physician Soranus of Ephesus who practiced medicine from 98-138 AD, recognized and praised collaboration with midwives. He identified the ideal midwife as someone with her wits about her, possessing a good memory, and loving her work. She has a sympathetic disposition and soft hands for the comfort of both mother and child. The midwife – smart, gentle and compassionate is an expert of normal birth. Read this helpful article: Call the Midwife, Why a growing number of U.S. mothers are turning to midwives, rather than physicians, for prenatal care, labor, and delivery

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Evidence-based Maternity Care

We all want our pregnancy and childbirth to be normal and uncomplicated.  In Village Maternity’s collaborative practice, our midwives and doctors work together to help you have an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth. However, nature and history have taught us that sometimes there are complications. Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists are uniquely qualified to help you through any bumps in the road if needed. They are trained to recognize problems and advise on how to best avoid any dangers. Our team bases their care on evidence-based literature including  the 2014 ”Obstetric Care Consensus”. This document discusses one of our core values which is assessing “ the short-term and long-term tradeoffs between cesarean and vaginal delivery as well as the safe and appropriate opportunities to prevent overuse of cesarean delivery, particularly primary cesarean delivery.” Village Maternity recognizes women want and deserve minimum intervention with maximum safety and positive experience.

Nitrous Oxide and Wireless Monitoring

Pain Relief Options Including Nitrous Oxide

UpToDate, 2016:  “Nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia (usually a blend of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen gas) for labor pain has been commonly used for decades in Great Britain, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other countries . . . The patient self-administers the anesthetic gas, as needed, using a hand-held face mask over her nose and mouth or a mouthpiece. A demand valve on the portable gas tank opens with inhalation and closes with exhalation.”

Fetal Safety through Wireless Monitoring in Active Labor

Most babies tolerate labor quite well, but some do not. We offer wireless electronic fetal monitoring (sometimes called telemetry) which continuously evaluates the baby’s status while allowing the mother freedom to move about as she wishes, even into the shower. Not every labor requires this level of surveillance. Intermittent checks of the baby’s heartbeat may be adequate reassurance in uncomplicated labors but if continuous monitoring is needed it is available without confining the mother to bed

UpToDate, 2016:  “Normal human labor is characterized by regular uterine contractions and repeated episodes of transient interruption of fetal oxygenation. Most fetuses tolerate this process well, but some do not. The fetal heart rate (FHR) pattern helps to distinguish the former from the latter as it is an indirect marker of fetal cardiac and central nervous system responses to changes in blood pressure, blood gases, and acid-base status.”

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