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Metropolitan Hospital Team, NYC

Metropolitan Hospital Midwifery Practice

Your care at Metropolitan Hospital will be guided by the midwife on duty with collaboration from her attending physician of the day should complications arise.

Village Maternity Metropolitan Hospital team

Sharon Mcdowell CNM: Director of Metropolitan midwives

Jacquie Greenfield CNM

Amy Hanowitz-Britt CNM

Eugenia Montesinos CNM

Cara Dal Nogare CNM

Crystal Peterson CNM

Cynthia Rodriguez CNM

Neysa Williams CNM

Village Maternity proudly collaborates with Metropolitan Hospital, a hidden gem for NYC families.  Metropolitan has one of the lowest cesarean section rates in NYC* (2013 NYC Department of Health data). Metropolitan has the least overcrowding of all NYC sites*. Metropolitan has a long history of support for true midwifery care.

If you would like to schedule a private hospital tour, please contact Georgia Rose via phone or email: 646-832-5354, grose@vmaternity.com

*Data taken from New York State Department of Health, NYS Health Profiles, profiles.health.ny.gov/hospital, Reporting period 01/01/2014 to 12/31/2014

Jamee's Metropolitan Birth Story


A Birthing Experience – by Lynn


Metropolitan Hospital, NYC, Village Maternity



1901 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10029

  • Midwife care and delivery
  • Ob/Gyn Doctor collaboration
  • Support for exclusive breast feeding
  • Rooming in-no separation of mom & baby, newborn exams at bedside
  • State of the art wireless fetal monitoring for mobility in labor
  • Showers in every labor room
  • Nitrous oxide for labor pain
  • Epidural anesthesia for labor pain
  • Doula support welcome and encouraged
  • Universal private rooms for postpartum patients
  • 24/7 visiting hours for family
  • Level III Neonatal Intensive Care if needed
  • Regular prenatal tours so you can prepare for your experience
  • Bili lights at mom's bedside if needed‎ for newborn jaundice

Care Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have a labor doula at my birth?

    Absolutely, Village Maternity encourages support for women in all aspects of their care.

  • I’m worried about an unnecessary c-section if I do a hospital birth-can you address this?

    Village Maternity chose a collaborative team based on their history of excellent clinical care with low c-section rates. Village Maternity is actively working to change the way birth happens in hospitals.

  • Why should I choose to birth at Metropolitan when I could choose a “higher end” private hospital?

    One secret of the New York City public hospitals is that, by having a longstanding tradition of using midwives collaboratively with doctors, they have often had better statistics than privately owned hospitals in NYC. Village Maternity strongly encourages you to come take a tour, meet the practice and decide for yourself, not on incorrect mythologies about any given hospital. Contact Georgia Rose at grose@vmaternity.com for a tour. We know that once women meet the practice and see their options they will understand what a great choice Village Maternity is.

  • What if I am high risk or become high risk, can I become or remain a patient?

    Because Village Maternity has a collaborating Ob/Gyn on staff, many clinical situations can be managed within the practice. We also have available outside Maternal Fetal Specialist consultation.

  • What if I am interested in VBAC or Gentle Cesarean?

    Village Maternity is happy to discuss vaginal birth after Cesarean-section (also called VBAC) and Gentle Cesarean with you. We approach this on a case by case basis. You always have an option to visit our sister practice Village Obstetrics.