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Mount Sinai West, NYC

Village Maternity now proudly collaborates with Mount Sinai West.

Our Midwives for Mount Sinai West, NYC

Your care at Mount Sinai West will be guided by the Village Maternity midwife on duty, collaborating with the Mt. Sinai West attending physician should complications arise.

Nicole Chen, Caroline Handschuh and Jeanette Morgan

Care Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have a labor doula at my birth?

    Absolutely, Village Maternity encourages support for women in all aspects of their care.

  • I’m worried about an unnecessary c-section if I do a hospital birth-can you address this?

    Our experienced Midwives believe in vaginal birth. We will work with you to achieve this if possible.

  • What if I am high risk or become high risk, can I become or remain a patient?

    Because Village Maternity has a collaborating Ob/Gyn on staff, many clinical situations can be managed within the practice. We also have available outside Maternal Fetal Specialist consultation.

  • What if I am interested in VBAC?

    Village Maternity is happy to discuss vaginal birth after Cesarean-section (also called VBAC) with you. We approach this on a case by case basis. Our success rate is very high.


Mount Sinai West

1000 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10019

  1. Midwife care and delivery

  2. Obstetrician collaboration

  3. State of the Art Labor and Delivery Unit

  4. Small tub and shower in labor rooms

  5. Nitrous oxide available for pain management

  6. Epidural Anesthesia upon request

  7. Doula support welcome and encouraged

  8. Rooming in postpartum rooms

  9. Private postpartum rooms available (for a fee)

  10. Level III Neonatal Intensive Care if needed

  11. Regular prenatal tours so you can prepare for your experience