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Debbie Aglietti is the practice onboarding manager and can assist you with insurance and payment issues.

We are in-network with:

– 32BJ Health Fund

We are actively working on expanding the list. If your insurance isn’t on our list, we will offer you a self-pay contract for care priced at 75% of FAIR Health in our zip code, 10011. If you have out-of-network benefits, we will help you submit your claims for reimbursement.

“FAIR Health is a national, independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring transparency to healthcare costs and health insurance information through comprehensive data products, consumer resources, and the support of health services research. FAIR Health uses its database of billions of billed medical and dental services to power an award-winning, free website ( that enables consumers to estimate and plan their medical and dental expenditures.”

Metropolitan Hospital participates with most insurance providers except Cigna. We suggest you verify with your health plan that Metropolitan Hospital Center is considered an in-network hospital. (NPI 1073610473)

We will bill your insurance on the following schedule:

  • – For the first visit at the time it occurs.
  • – For “prenatal and postpartum care” six weeks after your delivery.
  • – For Ancillary services such as vaccinations, phone calls, emergency visits, and office sonograms at the time that they occur.

Pregnancy care is covered by most insurance plans. However, out-of-pocket costs (or the portion not covered by insurance) vary depending on your plan and benefits package. Generally, coverage falls into these categories:

  • – Prenatal & postpartum visits & office ultrasounds (billed by Village Maternity MD)
  • – Routine testing, genetic screening, outside ultrasounds (billed by the lab or imaging center)
  • – Delivery (billed by Metropolitan Hospital)
  • – Other common ancillary services such as doula care or acupuncture (billed by that service provider)
Co-pays and co-insurance depend on your plan. We will let you know if any of these fees apply and ask you to pay at the time of service.

Email Debbie Aglietti at
We are happy to help.

Debbie Agglietti, Onboarding Manager, Village Maternity MD, NYC
Debbie Agglietti, Onboarding Manager, Village Maternity MD, NYC