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Fit As A Fiddle Podcast Talks Birth with Dr. Worth

Village Maternity

Village Maternity

Birth Through An OB’s Lens

Fit As A Fiddle with Dr. Sneha Gazi


Episode Description

Whatever kind of birth experience you would like to have is the type that is right for you. Whether that means you choose to induce labor or not, medicalize your birth or not, have a doula or not… the choice is yours. Dr. Jaqueline Worth, an obstetrician and founder of Village Obstetrics, shares her 20 years of experience delivering thousands of babies. She believes that less is more when it comes to birth and that it’s the OB’s job to be supportive of women throughout their care to ensure “safe mom and safe baby.” She discusses the differences between a natural birth versus medicalized birth along with reasons someone may require induced labor or may elect to have one.

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