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A Village Maternity MD Birthing Experience

by Lynn

A couple filled with anticipation and anxiety going into their second pregnancy, but first child.

After a loss, we were cautious but understood the importance of being flexible. As time drew close, we took a birthing class to educate ourselves about the business of being born. We toured Metropolitan Hospital and learned about Village Maternity MD’s philosophy. We wanted to be with a practice that gives the mother time to labor and supports a natural approach. So, at 34 weeks, we switched from an OB practice to Village Maternity MD.

At 37 weeks, they diagnosed my pregnancy with complications, and the doctors and midwives suggested I come in for observation. The next day, my status had not changed, and everything felt out of my hands. Although this was a disappointing blow, it seemed best for our baby and me. First, they induced me, followed by inserting a balloon, then breaking my water. Before each procedure, the attending came in (accompanied by a nurse or midwife), explained the procedures, why necessary, and their implications before returning to perform them. 

I appreciated the staff’s diligence and how they treated me as an educated individual. After 48 hours of early labor and what I thought was active labor (the pain and contractions remained so strong that I asked for nitro gas and an epidural), I was not dilating and only at 4cm. Another blow to our dream delivery.

After 48 hours of induced labor, my son joined us via cesarean. Although born early, he was healthy. The take-home message from this experience is to be flexible. Our ideal birth avoided surgery and interventions, but health complications made it difficult. I felt safe and in trusted hands. The staff from Village Maternity MD and Metropolitan Hospital were kind, gentle, and attentive to my needs and wishes. They answered our questions and did not force me to do anything I did not want to. I am so grateful for the team that helped support, encourage, and care for me throughout my birth.

If we decided to have another child later on in life, we would not go anywhere else; these women are like family.