Lindsey Mayo, CNM

Midwife, Village Maternity

Laborist Team, Metropolitan Hospital

Lindsey Mayo is a licensed nurse-midwife by the state of New York. Before embarking on her career as a midwife, she was a birth doula for 8 years. Her dream of becoming a midwife was cemented through her work with Family Care International, a NY based non-profit focused on making childbirth safer for people in rural and indigenous communities in Africa and Latin America. She received her Bachelor’s in Political Science and Spanish from the College of Charleston and has spent extensive time traveling through South America. She then completed a Master’s of Midwifery at SUNY Downstate. Having been witness to all forms of birth in all birthing environments, she feels strongly in evidenced-based care and client-centered birth practices.

She is a Brooklyn transplant, having grown up in rural North Carolina and is excited to be a part of this community. When not attending births, Lindsey enjoys leaving the city and knitting on the subway.


“Be truthful, gentle and fearless.”